Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management (BAIBM)


The Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management (BAIBM) is a three-year program offered at Western Pacific University (WPU).


The degree program aims to equip the students with management tools and leadership skills to start a career in any internationally operating company in a range of industries including service and consulting, retail and manufacturing; or to plan and run companies on a global scale. Students will develop competencies that will require him/her to respond proactively and creatively to contemporary business issues and face challenges of the global business market. This degree also provides the student with lifelong learning and working opportunities available for those who can operate with confidence in today’s world, i.e., a world marked by Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity and Ambiguity (or VUCA).

Students who successfully attain the degree in BAIBM can embark on a career in any of the following professions; Business Management, Human Resource Management. Marketing Market Analyst; Stock Market Analyst, Accounting and Finance.

Prerequisite: CHEFS

Duration: 3 Years or 6 Semesters

Entry Requirements: Pass the CHEFS program at WPU

Location: Western Pacific University, lalibu Campus Southern Highlands Province


WPU’s Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management program equips graduates with fundamental skills in:

  • International Marketing
  • Intercultural relations
  • Communication
  • Ethics in International Business
  • Public Finance Management
  • Logistics in International Turnover
  • Financial Markets Analysis