Papua New Guinea (PNG) needs to have the relevant tertiary education to meet the needs of tomorrow. Therefore, the Government made the decision to establish Western Pacific University. The country has to invest in people and newest technology to drive the economic development thus addressing social issues and enhance the standard of living for each citizen.

A new wave of technology is driving rapid global changes which influence our country. ‘This change has created new opportunities for cooperation in the areas of sustainable development, state-society relations, peace and conflict, international security, and global governance’. However, with these opportunities comes the challenge of keeping up with the quality of education in our country. I am positive that the Western Pacific University will play a useful role in addressing many issues and integrating new technologies into PNG’s development, workplaces and encourage more investments.

It goes without saying, that sustainable development depends very much on integrating new technologies into its work. The Information Technology has a close link between technologies and sustainable development, including the whole country’s development.

We are facing some challenges related to PNG’s development, social issues such as peace and conflict, hence well educated people and new technologies can assist prevent conflict by reducing the gap between what we know and what we do not know, between warning and response, facilitate sustainable development and peacekeeping through a well educated nation which will be able to use new tools relevant to increasingly complex environments.

21st-century advancing technologies are producing disruptive growth and have begun transforming the world and our country. We do not want to stay behind in the country’s development, but we want to stay ahead and be ready to embrace new opportunities becoming available to us and to be more entrepreneurial as the nation.

Based on these opportunities, challenges, and multilateral responses, my Government established the new University of Technology.

Hon. Peter O’Neill, MP

Former Prime Minister