Interim Council of the Western Pacific University

The Governing Body of the Western Pacific University (WPU) is the Council. The WPU Council meets a minimum of three times per year. The Council reports directly to the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology

Western Pacific University has its University Interim Council. The first meeting of the Council took place on the 6th of July 2016. During the Council meeting, a few important decisions were made. The Council approved the following policies: WPU Charter, Invitation for Tender, Financial Delegation Policy, Policies & Regulations, Terms of Reference for Services of the Interim Council, an appointment of the President/Vice Chancellor of WPU and the budget for 2016-2017.

It was the inaugural Council meeting, a swearing in ceremony of the Council Chairperson and members was performed by Magistrate Philip Dusal Kusunan. Each of the Council members, read an oath of office while placing their right hand on the Bible to carry out their duties as Chairperson and Council members of the Western Pacific University. After reading the oath, they signed the oath including a confidentiality agreement.

The following persons are the members of the University Interim Council:

  1. Sir Peter Barter, PhD (Hon) GCL, Kt, OBE– Chairperson of the University Council
  2. Koney Samuel, Secretary representing Department of National Planning & Monitoring
  3. Mr. David Conn – Council Member
  4. Ms. Marlene Philip – Representing the Department of Finance
  5. Ms. Avia Koisen -  Council Member 
  6. Professor Fr Jan Czuba, Secretary representing the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
  7. Mr. Jacob Iki – Representing the people of Ialibu and Pangia

The Council is the governing body of the University and responsible for the entire direction and developments of the University. The primary responsibilities of the Council include:

  • appointing and monitoring the performance of the President/Vice-Chancellor as chief executive officer of the University;
  • approving the vision, mission and strategic direction of the University and its annual budget and strategic plan;
  • overseeing and reviewing the management of the University and its performance;
  • establishing policy and procedural principles for the operation of the University consistent with legal requirements and community expectations;
  • overseeing and monitoring the assessment and management of risk across the University, including commercial undertakings;
  • overseeing and monitoring the academic activities of the University; and
  • appointing Emeritus Professors on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed in By-laws.

The Western Pacific University is presided by the Chairperson/ Chancellor.