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Academic Programs

Planned Enrolment of 240 students for the Foundation Year commencing 2021

The Foundation Year Program is a compulsory course of study for students seeking entry into a Bachelors’ program at Western Pacific University.  The aim is to provide students with the foundational academic knowledge and skills required to successfully complete further study via online, blended and face-to-face delivery. After the Foundation Year students will enrol to one of the following academic programs for three years.

Academic Programs 2021-2024 with total number of Graduates in 2024: 1200


  • Department: Foundation Year – one full year commencing 2021
  • Department: International Business Management (BA) - 6 semesters / 3 years
  • Department: E-Business and Digital Marketing (BA) - 6 semesters / 3 years
  • Department : Computer Science (Engineering BA, Computer Science) – 7 Semesters

Each of the WPU Academic programs are outlined below

Foundation Year: WPU Foundation year, is year-long introductory program designed to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence for a fully-fledged three-year undergraduate degree. Also referred to as gateway degrees or 'year zero' programs, foundation year is integrated into degree programs. Those students who complete a foundation year are required to enter into their chosen degree. Foundation year plays an essential part in helping students adjust to academic and cultural life. Studying at a university is exciting and can open up a world of opportunities, but it is also a huge commitment and can be an overwhelming experience for even the most confident academic adventurers. Foundation year gives students a vital opportunity to improve their communication skills before starting full degree studies, without the added pressure that comes with starting a three-year undergraduate degree. 

International Business Management: The modern business environment becomes increasingly international. The International Business Management program equips Students with the tools, techniques, and concepts necessary to analyze and understand how international business is conducted and how companies and countries can thrive in today’s global marketplace. The program of studies concentrates on the realities of managerial experience in both the public and private sectors. It covers theory as well as practice leading to the solution of managerial problems in the international context.  Students will be able to combine their studies of management with a particular focus on global business issues, allowing them to acquire critical and analytical skills, along with a wide range of cross-cultural, communication and team-working skills, which will be directly transferable to the workplace whatever career they choose to follow. They will develop their ability to question and critically assess international business issues to find innovative solutions.

E-Business and Digital Marketing: The modern business environment works under the new rules.  Internet and social media became an integral part of the successful marketing. E-business & Digital Marketing program includes theoretical and practical knowledge which combine studies of management with ways of efficient use possibilities of Internet. Students will acquire skills, which let them manage in public and private sectors, by use communication and team-work and find innovative options and solutions in every career and workplace they choose.

Computer Science (Engineering): The undergraduate study program in Computer Science is adapted to the needs of computer and IT services market and the use of information technology in the operation of any business, public administration institutions, health care units or non-governmental institutions. It prepares IT management specialists for positions in innovative organizations implementing the latest IT concepts. The programs focuses on practical courses, workshops, trainings and internships, so that graduates have high qualifications in the area of analysis and improvement of business processes, effective project team building and successful IT implementations and are prepared to find satisfying work in businesses utilizing modern computer technologies. The obtained degree will allow graduates to acquaint students with the work of a computer specialist, software developer and the processes of generating, converting and transferring data using specific tools (software and hardware).


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