We are happy to share with you the latest developments of the Western Pacific University (WPU) in Ialibu for 2017. The project is progressing well according to the schedule developed. We would like to express our appreciation to the Office of the Prime Minister, the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and the Government of Papua New Guinea for supporting this critical to the national economic and human resources development project.

  • We developed a strategic plan for the WPU – first decade 2016-2016. This strategic plan sets out the criteria for the establishment of WPU as a degree awarding institution. It identifies the various legal, organisational, academic, financial and other related requirements, which need to be fulfilled and adhered to ensure that WPU offers high-quality programs. This strategic plan is complemented by the master plan for the development of WPU, a financial plan and WPU’s polices.
  • Western Pacific University is in the process of conducting an assessment of the present and future labour market needs in Papua New Guinea. Information obtained from this study will provide necessary inputs towards the development of academic programs at the University as a means of improving the competencies and skills of employees in the PNG labour market and thus contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the country.

This study will address the question of how the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) can improve the public and the private sector labour market. It is well-taken that GoPNG policies already guide development toward performance enhancement of the public and private sector are driven economy; this study, however, will allow us to develop programs through which job-seekers can develop the right skills, find employers who will hire them and, whereby, companies can find the employees they need. The government, meanwhile, will maintain its focus on the creation an enabling environment in which the best matches between job-seekers and employers can be made.

This research focuses on only on Port Moresby but is conducted across all provinces. As we have few new research outcomes related to future labour market needs, but they have been carried out in Port Moresby. Thus, the WPU established a team to conduct an assessment of the present and future labour market needs throughout Papua New Guinea.

  • Construction site requires office facilities to provide space for the site manager, provide space for meetings and to provide storage for site documentation. Site office is vital to ensure the quality of building materials and workmanship. Those site offices are comfortable, attractive and multipurpose, as well as being suitably robust and secure. Each project will have different requirements for site office provision. On a large project, as the WPU separate offices are provided for site supervisors and engineers and Project Management Team.

The WPU Management Team established two mobile site offices.

  • Since we took over the site in a very short period of time. Please see below some photos illustrating the progress made.

Excavations and cutting new loop road

 Worked on house pads and ring access road through Proposed library site

Type D excavations of Library and SMF at sections C

One of the access roads

  • The WPU Management Team had to engage a geotechnical engineer to survey the site and determine the most appropriate footings required for each building and concrete surface drains. The engineer conducted a site visit to inspect the soil as it gets very plastic at times thus he advised us how to improve the stability of the soil and select the appropriate footing for our structure. Below a map illustrating locations of concrete surface drains.


  • The Management Team began works on the construction of 15 staff houses. These houses will be used by the team and some employees during the construction phase. After the construction is finalised, those houses will be utilised by the University Staff. Please see below some photos.


  • For the WPU to successfully function in Ialibu, it is important to have 24/7 quality access to the Internet. As without well function IT system the University will not be able to offer the quality of education and introduce a blended approach to learning and teaching. All academic staff and students will have access to well-equipped laboratories connected to the Internet, a library with up to date electronic textbooks, database, research monographs and journals. WPU endeavours to bring about the employment of modern information technologies and the use of state-of-the-art physical and operational technologies. WPU has requested 03B for 20Mbps O3b IP Transit service with expectations to ramp up in service.

Overview of 03B: Southern Highlands – Ialibu.

  • His Excellency Mr Li Ruiyou, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China and Mr Cai Shuizeng, Economic and Commercial Counsellor have visited Ialibu and the site where construction has taken shape. Both were very much impressed with the progress made an update.

His Excellency Mr Li Ruiyou and Mr Cai Shuizeng expressed their views that Kina 49,378,160.00 from the People’s Republic of China’s Grant might be available.

The establishment of the WPU will take seven full years. WPU is seeking financial assistance from the People’s Republic of China for the stage one that is critical for the university to begin its operation and enroll first group of students in 2019. To total investment scale of the project is Kina 607,157,437.60.

Below, please see some photos showing His Excellency Mr Li Ruiyou with Ialibu Acting Administrator, Mr Jacob Iki and their staff.

 00a  130508

His Excellency Mr Li Ruiyou with other victors on the construction site.


Developments 2020


Administration Building, Staff Houses, Dormotries, Student Mass and Campus Road 



Administration Building, Staff Houses, Dormotries, Student Mass and Campus Road

We hope you enjoyed this short update on the latest development on the site.