Western Pacific University commenced undergraduate enrolment in February 2021. In our first year of operation, we accepted only school-leavers. We will be enrolling non-school leavers in 2022.

We currently have four programs: Foundation Year, Computer Networks, Computer Programming and International Business Management.

Entry requirements for both school leavers and non-school leavers are as follows:

  • GPA of 2.9
  • Grade ‘B’ or above for all subjects studied

Specific requirements for non-school leavers:

  • Character references from current or most recent employer, church paster, etc
  • Police clearance (obtained in the last six months)
  • Medical certificate (obtained in the last six months)
  • K50.00 application fee
  • Recent and clear passport-sized photograph
  • Transcripts/certificates of academic records (college/university studies, vocational training, distance/open learning courses, etc)
  • Grade 10 certificate
  • Grade 12 certificate

Tuition fee is (at the time of publishing) set at K12,000.00 per student per annum. Please note that this is subject to change annually and students enrolled will be notified accordingly.

Foundation Year at Western Pacific University

Our Programs

The Foundation Year Program is a pre-requisite course of study for students seeking entry into a Bachelors’ program at Western Pacific University. The aim is to provide students with the foundational academic knowledge and skills required to successfully complete further study via online, blended and face-to-face delivery. After the Foundation Year students will enroll to one of the following academic programs for three years: Computer Programming, Computer Networks, and International Business Management.

Bachelor in Computer Networks

The Bachelor in Computer Networks is a degree program where you will learn to develop and manage sophisticated computer network solutions. In addition to core computing skills, you'll learn the fundamentals of networks including flexibility, scalability, quality of service and the security implications of corporate infrastructures. Using state-of-the-art network devices in our computer laboratories, you'll design and configure your own networks as well as explore the latest developments in communication technologies. At WPU we use teaching programs and technologies of the well-known tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Cisco.

The Bachelor in Computer Programming

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming (BSc) gives you the opportunity to gain expert knowledge and start a career in the IT sector. The aim of the program is to teach you the technical methodology and instruction involved in creating, testing and maintaining computer science software programs. Active student learning in the form of seminars, workshops and problem-based projects are designed to engage your interest and enable you to become autonomous and continuous learners. Assessment methods include projects, reports, presentations and case studies, as well as time-constrained in-class tests and exams.

Bachelor in International Business Management

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Business Management will give you the mind-set, skills and experience you need to understand how global business operates. The overall aim of the program is to equip you with the management tools and leadership skills to start a career in any international operating company in a range of industries including: consulting, retail and manufacturing or to plan and run companies on a global scale. You will develop competencies that will require you to respond proactively and creatively to contemporary business issues and face challenges of the global business market. This degree also provides you with life long learning and working opportunities, available for those who can operate with confidence in today's world.

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