The organisational structure of Western Pacific University (WPU) is designed to welcome innovation and change, thus its structure has an inherent capacity for flexibility, but yet with sufficient stability to deliver an exceptional quality of education, since the vision, mission and values will remain constant. The WPU structure has the capacity to serve strategy rather than functional demands. The key to successful implementation of academic programs and management at WPU therefore is high-quality governance of the University that is committed and active in values-based leadership, guided firmly not only by the University’s values, but also a vision of the future and its mission, underpinned by a strategic commitment to empowerment, motivation, inspiration and effective communication.

Governance of Western Pacific University refers to the internal structure, organisation, policies and processes by which the University is formally organised and managed as a public University.

The University’s internal governance comprises the University Council, the President, the Vice Presidents, the Registrar, the Bursar, Faculty Deans and Director of Quality Assurance. The University Cabinet, Academic Board, Faculty Boards, Leadership and Management Board and Student Representative Council complete the administrative team. 

On 24 April 2013, the National Executive Council approved the establishment of a new University in the Ialibu/Pangia District of the Southern Highlands Province (NEC Decision No. 299/2013).

The National Executive Council's decision to establish a new university of technology was reiterated in the next Governmental pronouncements as below:

  • the National Executive Council on 30 August 2013 (NEC Decision No.299/2013) approved the composing instructions by way of a draft bill;
  • the First Legislative Council then vetted and issued a Certificate of Legal Compliance regarding the proposed Bill;
  • in turn, the Governor General gave his clearance for the NEC to endorse the Western Pacific Bill 2013 to be tabled in Parliament;
  • finally, on 27 August 2014, Parliament unanimously passed the 2013 WPU Bill with a majority vote of 71-0 and on 8 November 2014 the Western Pacific University Act 2014 came into force (Certified No. 36 of 2014).