Vision & Mission
Our Logo

Pro Deo et patria

The Motto written in Latin translates to, 'For God and Country'. This motto inspires Western Pacific University and its academic community to serve both God and Papua New Guinea.


Western Pacific University aspires to advance knowledge through research, provide technical education, be the leader in technology, innovate industries thus serving society by graduating conscientious and productive global citizens.


Our mission statements will implement Western Pacific University's vision. Hence, our mission seeks to contribute towards the advancement of humanity through:
  • Embracing ICT technology into research, learning and teaching;
  • Making commitment to the quality in the academic disciplines of science, engineering and technology;
  • Working with industries to ensure our educational programs and training are applicable to industry and the professions;
  • Aligning our research and education with the National Vision, with appropriate national and economic priorities in the context of global economic trends;
  • Becoming an Academic Community where minds are challenged, and lives are changed through quality leadership and innovation; and
  • Making a commitment to unity, service to each other our staff and students, our partners and communities while maintaining our core values and high standards of ethical conduct.

The bird of paradise and colours are a vital University identifier. Blue and gold, used by Western Pacific University, encompass the unifying brand element across a very culturally diverse country. In this way, the University wants to be the unifying factor in the country.


The colour blue relates to technology, efficiency and long lasting results and reinforces the concepts and values that a technological university wants to transmit. It inspires the university to challenge the status quo "sky is the limit" through research, quality of education and knowledge creation pushing innovations beyond established boundaries.


The second colour is gold, as the University aims to put emphasis on the quality in everything it does to achieve prestige and high standards.